Month: October 2014

The Healthy Vegan Lifestyle

What is a Vegan? Generally vegans are vegetarians with some minor differences. Vegans, aside from eating meat, fish, poultry and eggs, they do not also use products that are made from animals or were tested on animals such as...

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The Benefits Of A Vegan Lifestyle

A vegan is a person who shies away from eating and using animal products including their by-products. Some products are clearly avoided such as red meat, fish, poultry, dairy, milk and eggs. Other items such as honey, silk and...

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Struggling to Accept Veganism

If you have ever tried to switch to a vegan lifestyle you have no doubt discovered that it is an extremely difficult lifestyle to actually adjust to. There are plenty of people who do make the change every year, but at the same...

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Starting Children with Vegan

Most of the time when you hear of someone changing to a vegan diet you typically think of adults. Have you ever stopped to consider how many children change to vegan each year as well? Most people tend to easily forget about the...

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Start Your Vegan Lifestyle Now

If vegan lifestyles sound interesting for you, there are numerous ways that you can do to pursue this lifestyle and get to know all about the aspects of living a vegan life, such as stocking up your pantry with vegan products....

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