Brothers and Sisters, we join together to celebrate the life and good works of Elvan John Rees.

Elvan has given himself in service of God not only as a Bank Manager whose motto was always “To care” but for forty years he squared the circle and served through four dioceses of the Church in Wales as a lay preacher in our faith.

I stand today as a testament of his faith, being one of those privileged to listen to his first sermon and his last. We all share fond and happy memories that (like the examples of faith he used to illustrate his sermons) we will all remember Elvan for his acts of kindness and Christian compassion. Truly, he served God as a good and faithful servant.

By example, Elvan carried his health problems with dignity and grace, never yielding to self pity. As he prepared to continue his journey in faith, Elvan wanted to record his grateful thanks for the warmth of Christian Love extended to him and his family.

In living, Elvan was respected and, while we each regret his passing, we celebrate his precious memories for the rest of our days, until time is lost in eternity.

I hope we can all live up to his rare example of not being sad about the difficult things that living throws our way but being glad to be alive and live life to the full.

I would like to think my guide, my mentor, my friend, my father would want that for us all.

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  1. James Obialor
    January 22, 2013 at 10:33 am

    Very heart touching speech Phil.

  2. February 9, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    Very touching words Philip , may his soul rest in Peace, he must be a great Dad , I am sure he and my father are sitting in heaven watching what we do in life, till one day we all will meet again,
    again I pray for his soul peace and to lead us to heaven and that is great what he did in his life for his family, God Bless His Soul

    your friend from Egypt

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