Father of two, former company administrator and teacher now looking to explore the world of writing using the internet. Currently writing a small collection of short poems. Sharing the joy of learning with others.

My early retirement through ill health forced me to look at my life. It helped that I was made aware of an opportunity to submit a chapter in The Art and Science of Success. I used the opportunity to recall the pitfalls and successes of my life to date. It put the 15 months or so of being laid low with breathing difficulties and struggling to get balanced into perspective. Life was no fun when walking 20 steps would need a stop to recover my breath. There is always hope for the future if we look forward not backward.

I have met so many wonderful people in my life (Joel Therien, Mark Call, Mike Potvin, Mike Glaspie, Jane Marks, Phil Basten, Croix Sather, Ty Cohen, Darren Scott Monroe, Tom Green, Michael Green, Dave Vanhoose, Dustin Matthews, Ann McIndoo, Rene Kamstra and Matt Morris to name a few) and draw on their support and encouragement as I learn to put my interest in computing and people to helping me move forward. It was a privilege to meet Joel Theren, Mark Call and Matt Morris personally to thank them for providing me with the chance to turn my life around.

As I research opportunities I will offer them to others in the hope that they also will find something to help them. Ranging from using the internet for business opportunities or for facilities that help communications, there are numerous possibilities. When I lost my voice for six months because my steroid medication affected me I even used a home karaoke and recordings to get me to talk out and develop my voice again. One of my musician friends even helped me to put a song I wrote to music and I recorded it on an mp3 at age 57! Rock on! Now I am learning about public speaking.

So many opportunities await. Join me as I explore them.


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