Why it’s IMPORTANT to be part of a “Group” that creates a “Culture” & “Momentum” in your “home business.

Working from home is a business in and of itself that needs the right attitude and attention from the start. To remain focussed is an art that has to be experienced and learned. I have found that out the hard way. Distractions occur so easily at home as you can relax only too easily. Phone ringing, mail and visitors are common distractions as all too often it is one person responsible for all…yourself. A quiet area set aside to sit and write or type is a must too.

You might be forgiven for thinking that’s all there is too it. Just set to a task and get it done and you will reap untold rewards…sadly all too often we can feel isolated and troubled that we do not make good progress quickly. We can easily feel very alone and although excellent search facilities and resources are just an internet search engine away to find instruction or guides to a task or answers to a problem it is a souless place at times working at home.

By nature even the most introspective person needs someone else to spark ideas off and gain validation for good ideas. Humanity is social by nature and therein lies a great benefit to working at home if we are part of a group. The phone or internet messaging facilities available to us nowadays means we are never far from answers and support to help us achieve our aims. Sometimes a short conversation can spark new areas to explore or at least validate or correct thinking.The fact that others are also experiencing what we ourselves experience is a boost too as we are not alone. Mentors help and we pay it forward helping where we can.

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