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Change your life

I looked at the third tissue I had coughed into and saw again a bright red spot of blood the size of a silver dollar coin and knew that it was time to leave work to itself and find out for once and for all what was wrong with...

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Famous People With Asthma

As asthma is one of the most commonly occurring illnesses across the world, it’s little wonder that many a famous face has suffered from the illness. Here’s a look at the notable inclusions on the list of famous...

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Asthma Questions: Confirming Diagnosis

Question: I have read up on asthma symptoms and I am concerned that I suffer from the condition. How do I go about obtaining a diagnosis? Answer: First and foremost, consult your doctor. If you are experiencing any breathing...

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New interest

As I had to retire on ill-health grounds unprepared it has taken me a long time to come to terms with the changes involved. I have breathing difficulties which appeared as I coughed up blood and had a tightness in my chest. Many...

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