Change your life

I looked at the third tissue I had coughed into and saw again a bright red spot of blood the size of a silver dollar coin and knew that it was time to leave work to itself and find out for once and for all what was wrong with me. I had X-rays a few months previously but they had shed no light on what was wrong. Breathing difficulties meant I was running out of breath if I walked 20 to 30 steps like a 100 year old…not easy to take when I could right up to six months previous walked at a yard long pace and 3 to 5 miles per hour for 15 miles with an 80 pound pack on my back. In due time I was to find medication to balance me so I stopped sleeping my life away for lack of breath and go through loosing my voice for 6 months while steroid inhalors affected me. Being off work for even a day or two was hell for me as I like to keep mentally challenged but off work…wow this was tough going.

I always had an interest in computing although in my schooling computers were not then available. I had been tested and an apptitude established for programming and indeed in my adult life I gained programming qualifications. I have used email since 1983 so I decided it was time to find out what could help me on the internet. I kept researching though some difficult times especially when I was finally to apply to early retirement on ill health grounds.

I saw an opportunity by a chance email from a guy living in Spain about GVO and for $1 trial, I joined. That one dollar changed my life! It opened up new contacts and new opportunities. Joel Theren, Mike Potvin and Mark Call influenced me to believe that if I worked at it the internet could provide me with the tools to change my future. You must realise that I had not intended to stop work at 57 but planned to go on to 65 so my finances were not good at all. As my father had retired early I remembered he commuted his pension so instead of having more money each month he had a bigger lump sum on retirement and I did the same. It gave me enough money to move (lease a five bedroon farmhouse) to my homeland of Wales where the air quality is so much better for my lungs and put an investment into an opportunity as well as a few other projects. It also gave me enough money to take the carabbean cruise and to meet and thank Joel, Mark and Claire and personally thank them for thier influence on my life.

These past two years have been adventerous to say the least but in all I had faith. I made an investment in a book and followed in Mark’s footsteps by contributing a chapter in volume 3 of The Art and Science of Success published by Matt Morris (Joel held a webinar showing the opportunity and I thought yes). I wrote about my past and looked to the future in that chapter. I now have an investment paying out a large sum with more monthly following. I have access to another money making adventure which I can’t disclose here under confidentiality clause but that will be even bigger. I have a few websites: and will have a classified ads website for my country soon. Truly that one dollar down changed my life. Right time, right place. One of the sites I listed is free to subscribe to an email course breaking down over 12 areas of internet business by way of paying it forward…not a dollar but free. Can you change your life around? Skype me on ROSLLC.