Asthma – a respiratory illness caused by lung tube sensitivity – can affect anyone of any age, and can make the sufferers’ lives extremely unpleasant. If you, or someone you live with, suffers from asthma – it’s time to take a look in your cleaning cupboard.

Household cleaning products purchased from grocery stores tend to be a nightmare in a bottle for asthma sufferers. Those incredible products that clean quickly and easy tend to created by mixing strong chemicals, give off particles which are absorbed in to the air – and then inhaled by humans – when the product is used. This is not a problem for healthy individuals, but these chemical particles can be extremely irritating for asthma sufferers – perhaps even to the extent of triggering an act.

The best way to counteract this is to switch to natural cleaning products, using items from yesteryear when chemicals were not readily available. The below items are asthma-friendly cleaning products, and most find them just as effective – if not more so – than their chemical-laden shop bought alternatives.

– White Vinegar: use to clean windows and glass for a streak-free finish, and to tackle stubborn stains.

– Natural Borax: be sure to buy natural substitutes to borax, which are just as effective though a little more expensive. It is a wonderful all-purpose cleaner to be used wherever you previously may have used bleach.

– Tea tree oil: a natural anti-bacterial substance, tea tree oil works well anywhere you wish to rid yourself of germs.

– Bees wax: better, and cheaper, than conventional furniture polish.

By switching to these products, you’ll not only save money but will vastly improve the air quality for anyone suffering from asthma. Everyone wins!

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