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What Is A Vegan Lifestyle?

A vegan lifestyle is believed to have existed in ancient Greece, where some philosophers believed that animal cruelty can earn them the wrath of some of their gods and goddesses such as Helios or Artemis. Also in India, people...

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Veganism and the United States

Have you stopped to consider exactly what it is that you specifically can do to help improve the earth? Most people never really stop to consider the options that are open to them. Rather they simply read an article or see a...

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Veganism and Pregnancy

Having a baby is a very exciting time in the lives of most people and trying to stay healthy is something that is at the forefront of most people’s minds. Trying to carry a successful pregnancy while following a vegan...

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Veganism and Animals

With all of the greener lifestyles that are being adapted all around the world there are tons of questions about exactly what veganism is, and exactly how it pertains to animals. For the vast majority of people it is extremely...

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Vegan Cooking Made Easy

A push towards a much healthier lifestyle has left many people looking all around for help. There are many different ways to eat, and of course, everyone has their own opinion on which methods are best but how are you really...

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