Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that affects people of any age and is generally considered to be incurable but livable with. With correct monitoring and treatment, asthma is rarely a life-threatening illness – and even when it is, only a small percentage of sufferers have severe enough asthma to warrant special measures.

Understanding your asthma is the key to controlling it. Asthma should not dominate your life unless you have an especially severe case of the illness, and most sufferers continue with their usual lives with no issues whatsoever. When properly medicated, asthma is, for the vast majority, easily dealt with.

The key weapons in your arsenal against asthma are your inhalers. There are two particular types of inhalers that most asthma sufferers will need to use regularly, and they have two distinct functions:

“Preventative Inhalers”

Preventative inhalers are exactly as the name suggests, and are to be used as a prevention rather than a cure for asthma. They tend to be steroid-based, and are designed to prevent asthma attacks.

“Reliever Inhalers”

If the preventative inhaler has not been able to fully do its job, the reliever steps in. The reliever is the inhaler you need when you are suffering an attack, and is designed to combat the problem quickly and effectively.

Speak to your doctor to ensure you know which inhaler is which. Asthma sufferers are often prescribed both to be used in tandem, two to four times per day. You can also then use the reliever should you suffer an acute and unexpected attack. Getting familiar with your inhalers and which to use at certain times is an essential for any asthma sufferer, so don’t delay.

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