Asthma is an illness that is easily exacerbated, as sufferers are particularly sensitive to their environment. Major contributors to discomfort for asthma sufferers come in the form of dust – a well known, researched and proven stimulant of asthma. However, dust is not the only substance that might be lurking in your home and making any asthma sufferers who enter miserable…

1. Mold

The vast majority of people will keep a clean house, but it is essential that if you do see mold – particularly mildew – building up around window frames or on ceilings, that you remove it. Mildew can make an asthma sufferer downright miserable as the particles of bacteria get in to the air and are subsequently breathed in to the lungs. Clean with tea-tree oil and warm water for a thorough result.

2. Cleaning Products

Any cleaning product that uses harsh chemicals is to be avoided if you’re looking to create an asthma friendly home. Wherever possible, substitute natural ingredients – such as the aforementioned tea tree oil, or an old staple such as white vinegar – for chemical-mix products. Avoid bleach wherever possible.

3. Animal Fur

While an asthma sufferer may not necessarily be allergic to animals, they may still suffer if they encounter a build-up of domestic pet fur. This is particularly true of cats, the fur from which is very fine and can be inhaled relatively easily. Vacuum regularly and keep an eye out for any hairballs that may be around, and groom your cat and dispose of excess fur regularly.

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