Here are a few things you can do to pursue a vegan lifestyle:

1. Add variety to the diet

Don’t make many various recipes every day. Just keep it simple. For most events, just pick out at least 4 recipes that you can make for the whole week and eat the same food a couple of days in a row. If you are thinking that this is boring, you are definitely wrong. The food will be so fresh and delectable that you can’t imagine only having one meal of a recipe, so try more servings of it in a week.

As an example, if this week you are having a vegetable burger for lunch, make it as the main dish of your dinner for two days. Later, make a big batch of vegetable salads, which will probably last for two lunches and a dinner. Since the last time you made falafel, put some in the freezer, and take out your snack composed of chopped vegetables such as carrots or celery to make it plain. Have this snack for two days. If you are having an extremely busy week just have some vegetable smoothies to sustain your diet without even bothering with the kitchen.

2. Keep your food at arms length

Always have a delicious vegan meal such as chopped vegetables, nuts, cookies, grains or plates of salads in the freezer. All you have to do is to take something out and reheat it. You can pick one or two days in a month to make a variety of recipes and freeze them. Store more food in jars, but you can also use food saver which can increase the use of space in your freezer.

3. Get some liquid

Liquids are often healthy and easy to take. In a usual vegan house, it is a common for people to begin the day with either fresh fruit juices or a vegetable smoothie. You can often maintain a diet for green liquids for some hour a day. This can give you some extra energy. Plus, it is very healthy because it can give your digestive system a break for heavy digesting.

4. Get To Your Greens

The more you add green foods to your lifestyle, the less you will crave for unhealthy foods. You will be focused to healthy food preferences at all time. Usually, a vegan goes on with fresh green vegetable smoothies, fruit juices and healthy salads.

To keep your salads plain, you can wash the lettuce and chop the cucumber and some carrots. You can always rotate the vegetables and non-sweet fruits to balance your consumption. You can also add some raisins or berries along with seeds and natural dressings.

5. Organize your diet plans

For most part, vegans keep a weekly menu that is pre-planned for a couple of months. You can write it down, with more details for your breakfasts, snacks, lunch, dinners, desserts etc. At least have a special journal or a small pocket notebook where you can jot down all your plans, along with ticklers, post-it notes, colored pens and some stickers to add personality to your organizer.

By writing every plan and what you eat, you can give more time to look forward to, as well as enough reason to maintain the lifestyle. Plus, it can also help in motivating yourself to prepare food. Once it is all planned, most work will be easier.

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